08-10-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs shares with Juan Guaidó and his team the latest actions carried out by the orange formation in the Spanish and European institutions.

"You are an example of courage, commitment and freedom, that is why you have our support and that of the majority of Spanish society," said the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, in a meeting with the president in charge of Venezuela , Juan Guaidó, the Venezuelan ambassador in Spain, Antonio Ecarri and Democratic deputies in exile. "What happens in Venezuela hurts us Spaniards because you are a brother country and we are united by historical, human, family and economic ties," he added.

Arrimadas wanted to know first-hand "the current situation of the regime, as well as the humanitarian situation, which is currently being aggravated by the pandemic, and how those of you who live in exiles in our country are doing." "We support you, we have supported you and we will support you", claimed the leader of the liberal formation. "At the European level we have led the request for explanations to Josep Borrell for his actions and support for the Maduro regime," he explained. Likewise, Arrimadas recalled that he has signed "a letter of censorship of this support for the Maduro regime that will also be signed by different leaders at the European level and that will be addressed to the European institutions to record the discomfort and rejection that this generates in many parties and in many countries ”.

The president of Cs has also commented on the work of her party in Congress on this issue, “we have managed to approve the withdrawal of the credential of the ambassador of the Maduro regime in Spain for the recognition of Antonio Ecarri as ambassador of the legitimate Government of Venezuela ”and added that“ our work in the Lower House is replicated in the regional parliaments where we are present ”.

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