30-09-2020 | Cs

The leader of Cs recalls that the liberal formation has been 'responsible' because it has 'proposed, negotiated and carried out measures that have saved lives and jobs'

"They are taking advantage of the pain and weakness of Spain during the pandemic to try to impose their sectarian ideological agenda, to attack the King and to turn our country into a 'banana republic' controlled by you," criticized the president of Ciudadanos (Cs ), Inés Arrimadas, addressing the second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias. In addition, the leader of the liberal party has reminded him that, "luckily for Spain and unfortunately for you, Spanish democracy is much stronger than you think."

During the control session of the Government that has been held in Congress, Arrimadas has assured that the Executive "has been the one that has managed the worst pandemic in the world" and has affirmed that Cs has been "responsible" because it has "proposed, negotiated and carried out measures that have saved lives and jobs ”. “While more than a million jobs have been destroyed in just a few weeks, you have done two things: you have not stopped attacking the judges who investigate the corruption that haunts your party; and two, raise the salary and attack the Justice trying to distribute it as a good classic political caste of all the life in which you have become with an astonishing speed ”, has snapped the leader of the orange party to the vice president.

While all the Spaniards recognized with applause the work of the sanitarians, you urged them to make caceroladas facing the Spaniards and attacking the Head of State; and while we have more than 50,000 dead in our country, you encourage us to make riots against any government that is not of your political color, ”Arrimadas continued, addressing Iglesias. The president of Cs has also lamented that, "while families worry about going back to school," the Government worries "about giving privileges to its partners, for giving pardons and penal discounts on demand to separatist politicians convicted of embezzlement and sedition ”.

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