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The president of the GPCs urges Sánchez to choose between "two paths, economically and politically," because "you cannot go two paths that go in the opposite direction."

"You can approve the budgets with a party with a sense of the State or with two parties that want to destroy the State," the president of the GPCs, Inés Arrimadas, recalled to President Pedro Sánchez during his plenary speech on the occasion of the control session of the Government , in which he asked if "he intends to approve the budgets through a moderate, sensible and good agreement for the families from the hand of Cs or with a radical one full of concessions to the separatists from the hand of ERC and Bildu". "We have already achieved many good things in these PGEs, but they still need many improvements for families, workers, freelancers and SMEs."

The president of the GPCs has urged President Sánchez to choose between "two paths, economically and politically", because "you cannot go down two paths that go in the opposite direction." "If you agree on the budgets with Cs, they will be more moderate economically and will defend the equality of Spaniards, if you agree with Bildu and ERC they will be more radical and in exchange for more separatist concessions, such as the humiliation of crossing out Castilian from the educational law" . And he adds: "These budgets cannot be a bargaining chip for the separatists to weaken our country."

Arrimadas has asked Sánchez to "listen to the moderate voices of his party", even "his own words from two years ago when he said that he would never, ever agree with Bildu or pro-independence parties." "We are going to see if the Government prevails churches or common sense", because "there would still be time to rectify, the hand will continue to reach the end," he concluded.

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