06-25-2019 | Cs

The spokeswoman of the GPCs has attacked against the 'pacts of the infamy' of the PSOE and has rejected the 'pressures of Zapatero to the judges of procés'

The spokesperson of the Citizens Parliamentary Group (GPCs), Inés Arrimadas, has presented a letter in which she urges the president of the Congress of Deputies to "comply with their constitutional obligation" and convene the full investiture. "Batet has the obligation not to paralyze parliamentary activity by the wishes of Mr. Sanchez," he demanded, while asking the president of Congress "stop being aware of the time you need to give" to the PSOE for negotiations.

In an appearance before the media, Arrimadas highlighted the decision of the Citizens' Executive not to support Sánchez's investiture, reinforced after having witnessed "personally" the "pacts of infamy" of the PSOE in Navarra. "We have seen how the Socialists have agreed with the independentistas or with the friends of Batasuna even when the alternative majority was guaranteed," lamented the spokeswoman for the Liberal formation.

"The PSOE, through Zapatero, has come today to pressure judges of the procés and to dictate sentence according to what they want, insisting on the figure of the rapporteur and opening the door to pardons," added Arrimadas. "If anyone had any doubt about Sánchez, that he hears Zapatero's words," he has sentenced, while at the same time ensuring that Ciudadanos will continue to work "with even more force" for the Spaniards.

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