06-07-2019 | Cs

The national spokesperson of Cs regrets that "some want to discriminate precisely in a day where they fight against sectarianism and intolerance"

"Citizens will always go wherever liberty and equality are claimed, and will always be on the Pride's side," said the national spokesperson for Citizens (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, before participating in the Manifestation of Pride in Madrid, and has warned that the liberal training "will not allow you to exclude your voters or a party of freedom because we are the party of freedom and equality."

Close, in statements to the press, stressed that "there is not a single corner of Spain or a party for the freedom that Cs is going to stop going because some want to see us out" because the orange party "is the party that defends freedom and equality ". In this regard, he assured that "it is a pity that some want to discriminate in a day of freedom and to end sectarianism and intolerance."

"The LGTBI people who have voted for Cs have the same right to be here as those who have voted for other formations because this is their party," said Arrimadas, who stressed that the training "can not tolerate LGTBI voters of Cs can not come or feel comfortable. "

Arrimadas also recalled that Cs has already registered in Congress "two very important laws for families, with 's'": the Law of Protection and Support for Families "because for Citizens all families must have equal rights" ; and the Law of Surrogate Gestation, "an altruistic and voluntary law and that is the only method that many LGTBI couples have to fulfill their dream of being parents".

For its part, the Deputy Mayor of the City of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, recalled that Cs "has managed to shield the LGTBI policies in the pact with the PP and also these policies are expanded"; while the leader of Cs in the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, recalled that "the Community of Madrid, thanks to Cs, has the first law against 'LGTBfobia'; as well as the "vanguard law of transsexuality".

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