07-07-2019 | Cs

The national spokeswoman of Cs demands the resignation of Marlaska 'for putting us in the bull's-eye so that four radicals came to throw us bottles'

"Citizens will not allow the PSOE and the sanchistas to put our voters in the ideological closet and take over the Pride," said the national spokesman for Citizens (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, who also recalled that liberal training "is the party of the brave and that defends the freedom and the equality in all corners of Spain ".

Close, during his speech in an act of Cs to present the law of Substituted Gestion of the liberal formation, he lamented that yesterday "a group of four radicals encouraged by the PSOE, Podemos and even ministers", in reference to Fernando Grande Marlaska, They will throw bottles and other objects against the members of Cs who participated in the Pride Demonstration. "If it is believed that we are going to be silent and allow our voters to get into the ideological closet and take over Spain and the LGTBI movement and 8M is that they do not know us," said Arrimadas.

In this sense, the national spokesperson has affirmed that the acting interior minister "is the Sanchez version of Torra with the 'apreteu'", in reference to the allusions of the president of the Generalitat encouraging the Committees of Defense of the Republic ( CDR). Therefore, Arrimadas has demanded the immediate resignation of Marlaska "because he is irresponsible to put Citizens and their 4.2 million voters in the bull's eye so that four radicals came to throw bottles at us."

For its part, responsible for the Area of ​​Women and LGTBI of Cs, Patricia Reyes, has ensured that the surrogacy "is an orange bet and a progressive measure that very soon will be a reality because the prejudices of the PSOE can not be a barrier to that many people form a family "; while the deputy speaker of Cs in Congress, Melisa Rodríguez, stressed that "Cs will defend the rights of all families in the plural and will continue to fight so that other parties leave the trenches of marketing."

Finally, the Minister of Equality of the Junta de Andalucía, Rocío Ruiz, stressed that "little by little they are discovering the lies of the PSOE and that leads to fear, and fear of hatred, which is what we saw yesterday" .

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