04-07-2019 | Cs

The national spokesperson highlights that the party has gone from having 20 council members five years ago to more than 3,000 in all of Spain, besides growing 40% in the Catalan municipalities

"I have no hope that sanchismo rectifies." This has been said by the national spokesperson for Citizens (Cs) and chairwoman of the party in Catalonia, Inés Arrimadas, in a meeting with all the elected municipal offices of the Orange formation in Catalonia.

Arrimadas has affirmed that since Cs they refuse "to whitewash the sanchismo that pacts with Bildu and leaves the constitutionalists thrown in many municipalities of Catalonia", in reference to the pact of the PSOE in Navarra and the different agreements of the PSC with JxCAT and ERC in Catalonia .

The orange spokeswoman recalled that "no one forces the PSOE to agree with the nationalists" and regretted that the PSC "agreed with the party that its leader calls the Spanish speakers 'tared beasts'". Arrimadas stressed that "the only constitutionalist hope in Catalonia is Citizens" and that the party "will remain firm from Congress to the last municipality of Catalonia."

Arrimadas recalled that the liberal training has gone from having 20 councilmen in Spain five years ago to more than 3,000, in addition to having grown 40% in councilors in the Catalan municipalities. "What we have in Catalonia is a miracle", he affirmed and has continued saying that he does not even want to imagine "where we can be in 5 years". To conclude, the spokesperson recalled that Cs is a party "proudly born in Catalonia and constitutionalist".

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