06-23-2019 | Cs

Cs spokeswoman says that wherever the orange party governs 'will be the dam against the occurrences of populists, tax increases and defense of families'

"In a week, Sanchez has closed 100 pacts of infamy with separatists, supremacists and nationalists" This has been said by the national spokesperson for Citizens (Cs) and speaker in Congress, Inés Arrimadas, when taking stock of the government pacts that have arisen in town halls and autonomous communities over the past week.

Arrimadas has pointed out that the socialists "whenever they can agree with those who want to break Spain or call us 'tared beasts'"And has qualified that"the biggest infamy has been the pact of the PSOE in the parliament of Navarre with friends of Batasuna", Pact that to Sanchez"he will think in your conscience"

He explained that "Sanchez already has the government made with nationalists and populists" why "What was seen in Navarra was the prelude to what will happen at the national level"And has ruled out that the orange party will abstain to make Sánchez president. He recalled that "the PSOE only had to abstain to give a constitutional government in Navarra ", but that Sanchez "Preferred to agree with Bildu"And regretted that"want to govern Spain at any price"

The spokeswoman for Cs has said that wherever the orange party rules "will be the dam against the occurrences of the populists, tax increases and defense of families" In turn, he recalled that the liberal party "has doubled its regional and local representation by opening a stage of government in town halls and autonomies"

Finally, he recalled that "in Catalonia there are millions of people who feel humiliated by separatism and abandoned by the government"That all they want is"awakening from the nightmare of 'procés'" He has finished highlighting that what they want is "peace, coexistence and a Govern that governs " and that, for this, "The only hope is Cs"

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