05-27-2019 | Cs

The deputy of Cs assumes 'with honor and gratitude the spokeswoman in the Congress' and announces that 'Toni Roldán, Melisa Rodríguez, Fernando de Páramo and Joan Mesquida will be the deputy spokespersons'

"We created a National Committee of Negotiation of Governments to responsibly manage each proposal thinking of the general interest." This has been stated by the national spokesperson for Citizens (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, after the meeting of the Executive Committee of the party at headquarters national of the orange formation and one day after the elections European, autonomous and municipal elections of 26-M.

"Every time the polls open, Ciudadanos grows and consolidates as a government party" going from "around 1,500 councilors to almost 3,000", in addition to "multiplying the votes in the European elections by five," said Arrimadas. about the results of the 26-M. The orange deputy also stressed that "the next four years will be crucial for the economic and social future of our country," something that "we face the possibility of governing" and "we will do with responsible management."

The national spokesperson of Cs has announced that "we have set up a National Committee of Negotiation of Governments that will work in a coordinated manner with our colleagues at the local and regional level" and that "it will meet from tomorrow to form the best governments", always "thinking in the interest of citizens and not in the interest of our party. " "All proposals for negotiations will be transferred and the Executive Committee of the party will be informed," added Arrimadas.

Also, the national spokesperson of the orange training has announced that "today we have determined the organization chart of the Parliamentary Groups in the Congress of Deputies and in the Senate", and "my colleagues have decided that I assume the spokesperson of the Parliamentary Group in the Congress ", something that" I do with honor and gratitude ". Meanwhile, "the adjunct spokespersons will be Toni Roldán, Melisa Rodríguez, Fernando de Páramo and Joan Mesquida" and "the general secretary of the GP will continue to be Miguel Gutiérrez", explained Arrimadas. For its part, "our spokeswoman in the Senate will continue to be Lorena Roldán", while "Fran Carrillo and Ruth Goñi will be the deputy spokespersons" and "Tomás Marcos the secretary of the Group" in the Upper House.

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