Antonio Garamendi, president of CEOE and Jaime Hortelano, president and CEO of CMC Group have held a working meeting to define the contribution that this Spanish company, one of the leaders in the consulting and business transformation sector based on digital technologies, can perform to the employer, after their incorporation to it. Both leaders also took advantage of their meeting to exchange views on the current social and economic situation of the country.

After its integration in CEOE, CMC Group will participate and collaborate in the employers' advisory bodies, in different working groups and committees, as well as in its international delegations, taking advantage of the activity of the CMC Group in different European and Latin American countries.

The adhesion to the management of Grupo CMC, which brings together more than a thousand professionals, also allows both organizations to join forces in different areas and, specifically, in everything related to growing the competitiveness of the Spanish business fabric through the use of of new technologies for the transformation of business processes.

Grupo CMC stands out for being the company with the highest sustained growth in the Spanish ICT consulting and services market, and its vision and competence, both in the ICT world and in the business environment, have made it an actor with a presence consolidated in strategic sectors of activity such as banking and insurance, tourism, industry, services, energy and telcos.

Notably 50% of the turnover of Grupo CMC, which reached 51.5 million euros in the year 2018, comes from IBEX35 companies, and 33% from multinationals. Grupo CMC is also an actor in the international market, which contributed 15% of its turnover in 2018, a percentage that the company plans to double. Grupo CMC operates in Spain and other countries in Europe (Italy, Portugal and the UK), as well as in Latin America (Mexico and Colombia), where it is evaluating the expansion to other countries.

According to the president and CEO of Grupo CMC, Jaime Hortelano, "the incorporation into CEOE is an important step that highlights our commitment to the evolution of the business fabric. We have been accompanying companies for more than 25 years in their innovation and improvement of business processes, adds Hortelano, and we believe that being able to put at the service of entrepreneurs in this country all the knowledge we have acquired is the most appropriate way to contribute. to the backing of their businesses and, consequently, to the creation of wealth and prosperity of our country ".

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