This criterion responds to the objective of continuing to combine the reduction of mobility -necessary to minimize contagion- with the supply of the population under the conditions indicated by the health authorities, in turn protecting companies and workers in the sector, and maintaining unity of action throughout the national territory.

For the Secretary of State for Commerce, "the exercise of an orderly and planned purchase according to the calendars of each Autonomous Community avoids crowds and confusion, guarantees service and supply, allows the cleaning and sanitation of the premises and the well-deserved rest of Workers".

The letter states that the adoption of extraordinary measures by the competent authorities of the Autonomous Communities must serve the main purpose of guaranteeing the supply of essential products and allowing companies to adapt their organization taking into account that they are providing an essential service to the population.

These recommendations were already transmitted last Wednesday to regional officials at the Sectoral Conference on Internal Trade, convened by the Secretary of State for Commerce, which reported on the social and economic protection measures for self-employed and professionals approved by the Government. Likewise, the measures adopted by the regional governments within the framework of their powers in the area of ​​trade were brought together and the need to maintain coordination between the Administrations was stressed.

Lastly, it was agreed to develop public actions to make visible the importance of local commerce in the life of the municipalities, as well as to recognize the work being carried out by professionals in the sector during the COVID-19 crisis.

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