On July 6, on the 40th anniversary of the Constitutional Court, the vice President of the Government and mMinister of Justice requested the president of the Popular Party initiate conversations for the renewal of institutional bodies.
Pablo Casado entrusted the talks to sSecretary of Justice of the PP, Enrique López, who during the month of July made progress in the development of a "Law to strengthen the independence of Justice", as a previous step to the negotiations, after the PSOE rejected on December 20, 2018 the proposal to modify the Organic Law of the Judiciary proposed by the PP and previously approved by the Senate.
July 22, Pedro Sánchez proposed by WhatsApp to Pablo Casado the interlocutors to advance in the renewal conversations of the institutional bodies that were accepted with a brief answer, without even evaluating the substance of the matter.
The 28th of July, the Plenary of the General Council of the Judiciary reported these conversations, which were confirmed by the Popular Party and the Socialist Party.
August 3, the Royal Household announced the departure from Spain of King Don Juan Carlos, which motivates an intolerable attack by the vicepresident ssecond of the Government to King Don Felipe. The opposition leader was not at any time informed by the president of the Government, and transmitted to Moncloa that the renewal pact iThe institution could not advance with the Government attacking the Head of State.
On August 11, Podemos was charged with irregular financing while he intensified his criticism of the Judicial Power, the Monarchy, and asked for a government with Bildu in the Basque Country and a budget pact with Esquerra in exchange for retaking the self-determination table in Catalonia.
For all these reasons, on August 14, Pablo Casado transmitted to the Government, through a face-to-face meeting of his interlocutors, that the renewal of the State institutions could not be agreed upon if Podemos had any role in it.
September 2, he pA resident of the Popular Party personally informed the pGovernment resident in Moncloa and made it public in a long press appearance.
Transparency and institutional responsibility have governed this entire process on the part of the main opposition party, despite the unusual leaks manipulated in the media.
The position of the Popular Party is firm and coherent and will always be guided by the institutional strengthening of the State and the depoliticization of the Judiciary.

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