06-28-2019 | Cs


The General Council of Citizens (Cs) has met today at La Passeu de la Nube in Madrid to hold an ordinary meeting at which the accounts for the 2018 exercise of the orange party have been approved unanimously. Along with this point of the day, the appointment of Deputy Marcos de Quinto as a member of the National Executive without any vote against has also been approved.

The accounts for the financial year 2018 closed with a surplus for the fourth consecutive year. In particular, a surplus of 10% has been reached after recording a total income of € 19,215,252, yielding a net profit of € 1,512,745.

As the Secretary of Finance of Cs, Carlos Cuadrado, has explained before the directors, the liberal training does not have any debt or financial commitment with banking entities as of December 31, 2018.

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