The position of the Popular Party on the Government's agreements with the opposition has been the same for a month.

one. The urgent thing is a plan of sanitary and economic shock to avoid more victims, sick people and destruction of jobs. To agree on the immediate arrival of sufficient masks, tests and benefits by ERTE, it is not necessary to have so much propaganda to renew historical pacts, which built an institutional and economic system fully in force to resolve any crisis.

We do not want to contribute to the strategy of distraction from the true national drama that still costs hundreds of human lives and thousands of jobs every day. Against the Covid19 the PP is collaborating loyally from the beginning, supporting the state of alarm and sensible economic decrees, and through the Autonomous Communities and Municipalities in which we govern.

two. It is not credible the will of Pedro Sánchez pact after trying to blow up all the bridges insulting Pablo Casado in the same session that supported him the most drastic measure in our democratic history in which his partners withdrew his support. And when he has only spent 4 minutes on the phone in the last 24 days, and he informs him of his meetings by the press.

Before the requested meeting, today through the usual channels, to discuss medium-term proposals and not urgent shock plans, a date is being coordinated to keep it at the beginning of next week.

3. In today's control session, Casado offered Sánchez a pact with light and stenographers in Parliament, which is where the representation of national sovereignty resides. And he reminded him that there are 5 parliamentary instruments constituted months ago waiting for the government to allow them to function:

a) The Coronavirus Monitoring Commission (requested by the PP) to agree on the health shock plan.

b) The General Commission of Autonomous Communities (already called by the Senate at the request of the PP) to agree on the social policies that are within its competence.

c) The Conference of Presidents (pending for months) to agree on the strengthening of health services, care for the elderly, the expansion of insertion income, aid to companies to keep jobs, and the management of funds European ERTE, before the collapse of SEPE.

d) The presentation of the Pact of Toledo (from which Podemos was raised) to agree on the sustainability of pensions in the face of the collapse of contributions.

e) The subcommittee for the educational pact (from which the PSOE was created) for the return to classrooms and the promotion of digitization for future emergencies. In addition, of course, the plenary session of Congress to debate the economic activation decrees, if possible with the opposition's opinion beforehand.

Four. Pedro Sánchez has not yet detailed the content or the participants of some medium-term pacts, which only intend to share responsibility for the rest of his mistakes.

The basis for any agreement is trust, but nobody trusts it anymore. He has so deceived so many people that they no longer believe him or his own partners. He only cares about power. But the PP only cares about the Spanish. That is the true distance that separates us.

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