The Popular Party shows its deep recognition of the political career of Alfonso Alonso and his work as president of the Basque PP since 2015. We appreciate his dedication and dedication to Vitoria, the Basque Country and Spain in defense of the freedom of all.

The general secretary, Amaya Fernández, assumes the functions of president of the Basque PP on an interim basis after Alonso's resignation. This substitution occurs in accordance with the Statutes of the party.

Amaya Fernández has the support and trust of the national leadership. With her at the head of the organization and with Carlos Iturgaiz as a candidate for Lendakari by the PP + Cs coalition, the Popular Party hopes to strengthen the social base and civic values ​​of constitutionalism in the Basque Country and reap the best results on April 5 electoral against nationalism and radical socialism.

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