Registration is now open for the Business Meeting that organizes CEOE-CEPYME Cantabria on November 8 and this year brings together Santander Scenario to companies that have made the aging of the population a business opportunity. Marketing experts will also participate in this consumer profile, for the first time in majority history, and examples of how regional strategies on aging are opening new avenues of business to companies will be analyzed.

Those interested in participating in the event that this year is expected to exceed two hundred attendees, can send an email to

The event involves the greatest Spanish expert in Silver Economy, Juan Carlos Alcaide, considered one of the 100 most demanded speakers in the country. Alcaide will talk about new marketing strategies for a new target: those over 65. Alcaide is one of the Spanish consultants with greater experience and specialization in Marketing, Artificial Intelligence applied to Marketing, Customer Service, Loyalty, Customer Experience, Customer Retention and Digital Business.

Luis Barros, Director of Innovation of the Galician company Atendo, also participates to talk about technological initiatives designed to prolong independence. Barros will show some of the examples developed in consortiums participated by Atendo such as the Nuka robotic seal, designed to collect information from older people living alone and provide clinical relevance data to health professionals and peace of mind to their families.

Luis Barros is a social entrepreneur in the Care for the Elderly sector for the past 19 years. During his experienced career, he has worked in different sections: Residence, Community Housing, Day Center, Technical Aid and Home Help Service. He currently leads the Atendo Innovation area. From this area, which he occupies since 2015, he has managed to lead European projects related to Slight Cognitive Deterioration (DCL) and Social Robotics. Currently, it is immersed in several projects whose purpose is to promote the appropriate ecosystem for the flowering of new initiatives linked to the Silver Economy.

Cantabrian businesswoman Marián Sánchez, responsible for the Sancal Method, will show how musical learning is used to delay brain aging. Musician with piano specialty and architect with a master's degree in Heritage Restoration, Marián Sánchez decides in 2016 to return to Spain after living in the US and South America to undertake an impact project: Sáncal Method, joining Neuroscience, Music and Technology to improve people's lives . This innovative project has led her to be part of incubators, accelerators and get different awards and recognitions, such as having been chosen by the Government of Spain as an example of innovation in the Exhibition "Science and Technology in Democracy", Exhibition commissioned by CDTI in the framework of the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution.

The meeting also involves Eider Etxebarria and Beatriz Santamaria, the creators of Bizipoz, a Basque company dedicated to the leisure of the elderly and that develops transition programs for retirement tailored to companies.

Javier Finez, founding partner of Gogoa Mobility Robots, will show the exoskeleton that is already being used in the functional recovery of people affected by brain damage as well as in the prevention of injuries to workers in the industry.

For his part, Stephan Biel, of Biel Consulting, will show how an exoskeleton contributes to the training of dependency professionals by allowing them to reproduce exactly in their own bodies the functional limitations of the people they serve.

A large financial company like Banco Santander, with worldwide implementation, will show how it redirects its services on a global scale to meet the needs and demands of the new majority consumers. It will be told by Jaime Pablo Corrales Kindelan, Director of Individuals, manager with more than 20 years of experience in creating value through Strategic Marketing, Customer Service and CRM. Pioneer in applying data mining and predictive models of customer behavior in banking product campaigns. He has led important strategic projects at Banco Santander in recent years such as Santander Select, Strategy 123 and SmartRed Offices. He is currently the director of Individuals of Santander Spain and director of Santander Seguros.

In the last part of the event, Almudena González Álvarez, coordinator of R&D Programs in the Strategy and Business Development area of ​​Idonial, a company that participates in the Reference Site Asturias for the promotion of active and healthy aging, will address how The aging strategies of the Autonomous Communities are configured as an open door to new business paths.

For his part, Gisela Garcia-Alvarez, manager of the Saúde De Galicia Cluster, will explain how cooperation enhances competitiveness in a demographic tsunami.

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