"The same Armengol that a few years ago was very vindictive, opted yesterday to lower her head again before a Sanchez who has left without committing to anything"

The president of the Balearic PP, Biel Company, has valued this morning the meeting held yesterday afternoon between Pedro Sánchez and Francina Armengol and has lamented that “Sánchez has come to say 'no no' to the Balearic Islands and has left without committing to which is fair for the Islands. ”

For Company, “Armengol has allowed Sánchez to leave without having achieved anything for the Balearic Islands, or REB in 2020, nor the 210 million of the 2004 road agreement, nor the 177 million that Madrid owes us from the financing system, nor any commitment regarding relevant agreements, such as sewage treatment plants or railway network ”.

The leader of the Balearic PP has stressed that "Sanchez has returned from the Balearic Islands without responding to any of the historical claims of the islands, without this having had a strong response from Francina Armengol."

In the same, Company has pointed out that “it is sad to see a lady Armengol who a few years ago was very vindictive, but yesterday chose to lower her head again and say 'amen' to everything available to her head of ranks, Pedro Sánchez, worrying and leaving the important problems of the Balearic Islands unresolved. ”


On the other hand, Biel Company wanted to congratulate all the citizens of Ibiza on the day of its celebration and stressed that the speech of the president of the Consell, Vicent Marí, has been “sensible and moderate; an intervention in which the main problems that the island currently has have been touched upon and it has been claimed that both the Government and the central government pay the necessary attention to the particularities of Ibiza ”.

Finally, the president of the Balearic PP has been confident that “this legislature, from the Consell de Ibiza, will work to solve the main problems of the territory, such as housing or mobility,” aspects on which the 'popular' leader He pointed out that "during the last legislature very little was done."

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