El presidente del PP de Islas Baleares, Biel Company

The president of the PP of the Balearic Islands and spokesman in the Parliament, Biel Company will ask President Armengol tomorrow about the scandal "that continues to grow" around the commission of experts on child abuse abused. Company has censored the will of the PSOE to choose in a digitized manner to Jose Carlos Fernández del Valle to lead the commission, "however, it seems that he has not been allowed to buy for Armengol and Cladera and has resigned." In addition, the ‘popular’ has pointed to the President of the Government as “maximum responsible for the abuse of minors under guardianship during the last three years in the Balearic Islands”.

The president of the PP has indicated that “we will not accept commissions directed from the Consolat nor will we allow Armengol to keep hiding behind the Consell and President Cladera” and recalled that “while Armengol was traveling, there was a certain consensus regarding to the commission of inquiry, until the Santiago minister said that the first cases went back to 2010, when Armengol presided over the Consell de Mallorca. At that time the alarms on the Consolat were turned on and the criteria changed. ”

In addition, the 'popular' spokesman in the Parliament has stressed that “this weekend we have seen how Mr. Ferrà de Més has called Andreu Alcover a liar in relation to the commission of experts” and has criticized that Armengol “has used the cases of child abuse to accuse the opposition of wanting to do politics with such a serious issue, when the only one who is doing shameful politics is she, by continually covering up the scandal. ”


In relation to this issue, the Popular Parliamentary Group will also question tomorrow the Minister Fina Santiago about the control of minors in the centers with judicial measures of the Government. "We want the Minister to explain what is happening in these centers to the numerous news of escapes of inmates and lack of control," said the president ‘popular’. The president of the PP has pointed out that "it is the same councilor who acknowledged that in recent years, under his mandate, there had also been up to five cases of sexual abuse and reprehensible behavior in these centers, which she had been covering."

Company has affirmed that “every day that passes is more immoral and more reprehensible that the parties that form the Armengol Government have voted against an investigative commission on abuses of supervised minors” and has indicated that even the director of the Office Balear of Children, Serafín Carballo, in his appearance at the Parliament, referred to the fact that "Police and Prosecutor asked for more involvement of the centers in the face of child leaks" and has criticized that "while the agents involved criticize and question the management in this case, presidents Armengol and Cladera continue without debugging responsibilities ”.


On the other hand, the spokesman of the PP in the Parliament has referred to the question that the deputy José Luis Camps will ask about the aid of the temporary 'Gloria' and has pointed out that “'drama', 'lack of sensitivity' or 'comparative grievance 'are some of the expressions used by the mayors of Llevant to know that only € 4.4M will arrive in the Balearic Islands to mitigate the effects of the storm, which affected 31 municipalities in our community, also in Ibiza and Menorca ”despite the fact that the estimate of the damages done by the municipalities amounted to about € 10M. "The Government of Sanchez sends less than half and excludes aid for the rehabilitation of walks and the regeneration of the affected beaches, something that can be done in other affected communities," said Company and has criticized that "Sanchez hasten to take the picture in the area, but again harm in the Balearic Islands. ”


Also, deputy Marga Durán will ask her question about the situation of trade in Palma after the associations AFEDECO and PIMECO have convened a symbolic closure of protest of an hour and a half Thursday 27 before an increasingly delicate situation, aggravated by policies of the Left Pact. "We want to know what the Government's opinion on this issue is and if it plans to take any action."

The president of the PP has pointed out that “if it continues like this, Palma is on its way to becoming a ghost town again, as it was at the time of the new government delegate, Aina Calvo” and recalled that “the PP was carrying it programs the development of a Law of commerce to boost the activity of the sector taking into account the differences and singularities of each island ".

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