“The president has forgotten how vindictive she was when she governed the PP and has to stop being hidden and has to go out to defend the interests of the Balearic Islands”

The PP, through its Parliamentary Group, wants President Armengol to appear urgently in the Parliament to report the situation generated by the blockade by the Ministry of Finance of the payment on account to the Autonomous Communities of the financing system, as well as of the VAT regularization of 2017 and that in the case of the Balearic Islands it amounts to a total of 177 million euros (€ 99M for the financing system and € 78M for VAT).

“We ask for the urgent appearance of President Armengol to explain what she has done and what she intends to do to defend the interests of the Balearics. Armengol has forgotten how vindictive it was when he ruled the PP and has to stop being hidden and has to go out to defend the interests of the Balearic Islands ”, justified the president of the PP and spokesman in the Parliament, Biel Company, after registering the urgent request for appearance.

The popular president recalled that, in a similar situation, in January 2018, when the PP government extended the budget for a few months, President Armengol used words such as “triple betrayal”, “rob the Balearic Islands” or “unacceptable cut” and "urgent meetings were requested with the Government chaired by Rajoy." "We do not use these types of words, but we want the president to be equally demanding now," he added.

In addition, the Company, accompanied by Deputies Toni Fuster and Tià Sagreras, has also registered another initiative, specifically a non-law proposal, to urge the central government to enter into urgent negotiations with the Autonomous Communities, within the Fiscal Policy Council and Financial, to find a solution and make the payment of the € 7,000 M corresponding to the different communities and that the Ministry of Finance has blocked, to which some 2,500 million more would be added for VAT regularization and 1,000 more than They are due to the Town Halls.

"Sanchez has made royal decrees laws for what has been agreed upon, while on duty, and now he could also approve one to pay the communities their share," said Company, who has referred to the situation of paralysis he lives National politics “The PSOE wants to show that if Pedro Sánchez is not supported at any price, everything stops and nothing can be done and that is why they suffer communities and municipalities. It is a misuse of politics, which clearly harms citizens, ”he criticized.

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