Headlines of Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo on TVE Catalunya and Ràdio 4

  • Constitutional Spain, the political agreement of 78, is a wonderful balance, reasonable and generous, between the unity of Spain and the diversity intrinsic to the Spanish nation.
  • Spain is the most decentralized country in the world and Catalonia found in the constitutional state a projection of its culture as it has not had in its history. But nationalism, instead of understanding that this was an extraordinary point of arrival, intended to make it the starting point of a road to nowhere, and has crashed into reality.
  • Political Catalanism, which sought the construction of a poble sun, has failed, has committed suicide. The images we have seen of violence and confrontation are the end of a Process that has come to an end.
  • Catalonia is broken into a separatist nationalist half and a democratic constitutionalist half. We have to rehearse the policy that has never been done: that of strengthening the constitutional and democratic half. We will promote the White Paper for freedom in Catalonia with measures for education, the media, culture, economy …
  • The great difference of the PP with the PSOE today is that socialism intends to continue making the mistakes that have led us here: to give more power to nationalism. Do not; The one who has to give it to the Democrats. There will only be coexistence, prosperity and peace within a constitutional order, never with those who intend to continue breaking Catalonia to try to break Spain.
  • Sánchez says that Spain is plurinational. And I ask him: how many nations are there in Spain? One, two with Catalonia, three with the Basque Country? Do we get to Navarra? What do we do with Valencia? And Andalusia? How many are nations? And, Mr. Iceta: How many cultural nations are there within Catalonia itself?
  • The PSOE did things that the PP would never do: Zapatero promoted an unconstitutional reform of the Statute and agreed in Tinell with the separatist forces to isolate the right. And Sánchez is president of the Government thanks to a fugitive from justice and a convicted person for sedition.
  • The Process is an economic tsunami that is producing objective damage to Catalonia's accounts. It is not the economy that motivates nationalism, but something quite obscure, atavistic and unpleasant: not wanting to share a political community with people who think differently or are from other parts of Spain. That is called xenophobia. That is supremacism.

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