First, thank all those people who were watching and supporting us during the presentation of Manga Barcelona Limited Edition 🙂

As the consultations were many and the time was limited, we have reviewed the chat and here we leave you the answers to the most frequent questions that were not answered live.

Queries about possible new licenses: Mermaid Saga by Rumiko, Maison Ikkoku, Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet, Ashita no Joe, Blue lock, BEASTARS, Artbook 4c Katsura, HIGURASHI, KONO OTO TOMARE, When they cry, Doremi, Arifureta, KONO OTO TOMARE, KINNIKUMAN

Answer: Everything listed is under study and we have it in mind, there are some very interesting proposals. Except BEASTARS, which has been on the Milky Way for a while.

Queries on licenses already published by Planeta:

  • Will there be a 20th century reprint?: Yes, it is already in stock for bookstore orders.
  • Bastard by when? There is no more perfect edition yet.
  • 2021 Plan for One Piece: Novels (under study), Anime comics (announced Stampede), One Piece Walk (dates to be determined, we are working on it), One Piece Party (second quarter approx 2021), official Japanese One Piece magazine (under study, nothing concrete) , One Piece 0 (under study).
  • Dragon Ques novelst: Announced in Manga Barcelona 2019, postponed by covid to 2021, during the second semester.
  • Usagi Yojimbo Saga: During 2021 we will have a new volume.
  • More Arina Tanemura: Frozen II, rest under study.
  • The feelings we all must endure: It will be released in February 2021.
  • Gunnm Mars 7: Waiting to have it closed, no date, it is recent.
  • More Mika Yamamori? In study.
  • LODOSS reissue? In study.
  • Will the Kingdom Hearts novels come out? In study.
  • Are you planning Dragon Ball Legend? In study.
  • Detective Conan spin-off short works like the Amuro manga? Under study, in 2021 focused on reaching 100, following the New Edition and launching the Anime Comic.
  • Will you get GranBlue?: We are already editing it since October SHEET HERE
  • Accel World by 2021: There will be three or four more installments of the manga in 2021.
  • Will we publish the SAO Alicization novels or the Alternative Spin-off? At the moment we are with the Progressive bow.

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