Consumption and associations create a technical group to follow up on complaints

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs and consumer and user associations have agreed to create a technical working table with the aim of permanently monitoring claims. Thus, Central Administration and technical personnel from social organizations will work together so that companies offer satisfactory alternatives to goods or services that have not been provided due to the health crisis. When the agreement is not possible, the consumer or user will always maintain their right to a refund.

After a meeting held yesterday afternoon between the general director of Consumer Affairs, Bibiana Medialdea and the representatives of the organizations that make up the Council of Consumers and Users, the parties have agreed to intensify joint work in order to protect the rights of consumers and users. . Likewise, a workspace is being sought that guides consumers and users in the face of the diversity of organisms with competences in receiving complaints.

Yesterday is the third meeting that the ministry holds with social organizations to account for the measures adopted to alleviate the consequences of the declaration of the state of alarm on consumers and users. In addition, the meeting has served to respond to concerns of the associations and receive from these evaluations and initiatives to promote the work carried out by the Government.

The technical table for monitoring complaints will begin its work next week with the aim of prioritizing agreements between consumers and companies through beneficial incentives.

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