Through the social network Instagram, the ministry launches a series of challenges to the population, the well-known challenges, with which it is encouraged to recover traditional cuisine and bet on seasonal products in the shopping cart.

The challenges are a game within the popular social network with which, during confinement, users challenge each other with a series of challenges that, once overcome, they share with their followers through videos on their social profiles.

Thus, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs today launched eight different challenges, encouraging citizens to make their own videos on how to make healthy family meals, traditional recipes and a shopping basket based on seasonal products and without junk food. In addition to focusing on food, the challenge campaign also includes challenges related to other healthy habits such as quitting smoking or moderating alcohol consumption during confinement.

Along the same lines, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs encourages the population to maintain sustainable behaviors that take care of the planet's health during the state of alarm. Thus, it is proposed that purchases should be prioritized in the commerce of proximity to housing because, in addition to ensuring the maintenance of the local economy and our neighborhood, they avoid unnecessary displacement.

On the shopping basket there are also challenges focused on improving collective health and, for this, Consumption recalls the impact that single-use plastics have on the environment. It also calls for prioritizing the purchase of those foods that can be purchased in bulk or with minimal packaging, always avoiding excessively packaged groceries, such as individual pieces of fruit in shells wrapped in plastic.

In any case, the Ministry is betting, preferably, on food packaged in materials other than plastic, since many of them are reusable and more easily recyclable.

Healthy nutrition

Consumption accompanies your challenges with a guide that includes a series of tips to make confinement compatible with healthy eating. This warns that not only processed foods are durable, but so are fresh seasonal products. The ministry proposes for the month of April to prioritize the consumption of apricot, cherry, strawberry, kiwi, orange and tangerine, among other fruits.

As for the basket of vegetables, Consumo also asks to prioritize those products that are typical of this month such as chard, artichoke, eggplant, broccoli, zucchini, squash, cauliflower, asparagus, spinach and green beans.

Since the population has seen its daily activity reduced and, therefore, it has a lower caloric expenditure, the Government recommends reducing the consumption of fats, pastries, sugar, pastry and sugary drinks.

Mediterranean and traditional diet

Due to the amount of free time we spend at home, at Consumo parents are invited to take advantage of the opportunity to bring children and adolescents closer to the kitchen.

Thus, the ministry recalls that good nutrition necessarily involves regaining knowledge of the products of the Mediterranean diet and traditional cuisine. In the same way, it is recommended to recover the traditional dishes, recipes and flavors that are part of our cultural heritage.

Lastly, the Ministry of Consumption reminds that Spanish gastronomy is rich in use cooking and, therefore, it is also very healthy, economical and sustainable to recover recipes that allow you to multiply dishes.

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