Consumption will promote a frontal labeling on nutritional quality of food

As Garzón explained, the Government of Spain seeks to "maximize efficiency" through a plan that will affect four areas: labeling, taxation, advertising and training and information to citizens.

During his appearance before the Committee on Health and Consumption of the Congress of Deputies, the minister has advanced that, at this time, "we are evaluating the different degrees of effectiveness of the different existing systems, seeing which could be the most appropriate design."

In that sense, Garzón has outlined the experiences in the frontal labeling of Chile, France or Portugal that "demonstrate the effectiveness of opting for labels with easy to understand code that help families" in making nutritional decisions.

The current Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition, attached to the Ministry of Consumption, will be a key instrument in the development and deployment of this initiative that already exists in fifteen countries of the European Union.


Secondly, Garzón has announced that his department will present measures that seek to encourage the consumption of healthy products and discourage those with "certain harmfulness" to health.

Advertising and training and information campaigns

The third element that is part of the comprehensive healthy eating plan is advertising and with it, the protection of minors. Garzón has pointed out that commercial information aimed at children and that stimulates the consumption of unhealthy products must, therefore, be regulated.

Finally, the minister has announced that, in parallel to the implementation of all measures, his department will develop awareness and information campaigns "that allow our country to move towards healthy consumption."

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