CEOE in collaboration with the Women's Institute and for Equal Opportunities and ESADE, as an academic partner, have convened the Eighth Edition of the Promociona Project.

The initiative aims at greater female representation in senior management positions, trying to raise awareness among companies and preparing their participating managers, through the development and strengthening of their skills, professional and leadership skills. To date, 834 directives from more than 600 companies have participated and of the previous six editions completed, 51% have been promoted.

The companies also undertake to propose to the Program their senior management personnel to carry out cross-mentoring processes with the rest of the participants.

Likewise, each edition has outstanding sponsors and godmothers from the business sector, such as Marcos de Quinto, marketing director and world vice president of Coca-Cola (2013/2014); Ignacio Garralda, president of Mutua Madrileña and Patricia Abril, president and CEO of McDonald’s Spain (2014/2015); Belén Frau, CEO of IKEA Italia and José Crehueras, president of Grupo Planeta y Atresmedia (2015/2016); Maria Helena Antolín, Vice President of Grupo Antolín and Luis de Torres, President of Sodexo Iberia (until October 2016) and current CEO LatAm & Brasil (2016/2017); Helena Herrero, President of HP and Paulo Soares, CEO of Campofrío (2017/2018); Marta Martínez, President of IBM and Antonio Huertas, President of Mapfre (2018-2019); and Isabel Tocino, Vice President of Banco Santander and Jorge Badía, CEO of Cuatrecasas (2019-2020).

How to participate in Promociona

The requirements that the candidates for the Promociona Project must meet are:

  • Currently occupy a position of responsibility.
  • Have a work experience of 15 years.
  • Higher University Degree
  • Have an intermediate level – high English
  • Have the support of the company and its involvement in the project, by signing a “Organization Support Letter"

Once selected, the participants will develop their training period at ESADE Business School, where they will strengthen their leadership and leadership skills, accessing a platform where they will perform a 360º evaluation and various self-knowledge and management skills development exercises. The itinerary will be completed with individual sessions of executive coaching and a cross-mentoring process, as well as with activities of networking professional.

Applications must be submitted before April 17 through the online platform enabled on the project website: www.proyectopromociona.com Y ceoecampus.es.

CEOE and ESADE co-finance 30 places. The places will be assigned to the candidates that obtain the highest score in the selection process. In any case, those candidates who, meeting the requirements of access to the program and overcoming the admission process, are presented by companies participating in the initiative promoted by the Women's Institute and for Equality will have priority for access to these places of Opportunities “More Women, Better Companies”To move towards a balanced participation of women and men in positions of high responsibility, and whose companies have not already been beneficiaries in previous editions. Likewise, 5% of the places will be reserved for those candidates who, meeting the requirements of access to the Project, have a recognized disability equal to or greater than 33 percent.

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