Courtois: "I have seen everyone very eager and when the first match arrives we will be one hundred percent"

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NEWS | 05/11/2020

"Going back to training on my birthday was the best gift," said the goalkeeper at "Real Madrid Conecta."

Thibaut Courtois was the protagonist of Real Madrid Connect on the day of his 28th birthday. The white goalkeeper spoke of current events and Return of the group that directs Zidane to training: “Going back to training on my birthday is the best gift. Obviously, I really wanted to go back. It was very good, fun, and I was looking forward to it. I hope things improve soon, we train together and the League returns. ”

"I have good feelings. Both the team and we were at a great level before all this and we are looking forward to fighting for the titles. I have seen everyone eager to return to the competition and when the first match arrives we will be one hundred percent. We recovered Asensio and Hazard and we are going to need everyone to win ”

Back to training

“Changing in your room instead of a locker room, the protocols to be followed with masks and disinfectants, the safety distance… Thank goodness as the goalkeepers, as we always train alone, we have had some advantage. I felt good after the injury and with very good feelings, and wanting to continue training and playing. ”

Work at home

“From home it is different. It tries to fix as it can. I was lucky because I ordered gym equipment before confinement. I did gym work first and when I felt better I already did specific job as a doorman with a friend who was at home, to return to full training sessions ”.

Solidarity actions

"It's very important. We are very lucky to be where we are and have good things. In these difficult times you always have to help. We have signed up to Ramos or Isco's initiatives as a team. I have also played online video games in fundraising tournaments. We have helped and we must not stop. ”

Birthday wish

"In the times we live in now, you have to ask for health for everyone and continue at that level of football and keep winning trophies with Real Madrid. Living the one of the Spanish Super Cup makes you want to continue. I have the desire to win the League and the Champions too ”.

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