Courtois: "I rowed well and then the ball went to Benzema, who scored"

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NEWS | 12/15/2019 | Javier Vázquez (Valencia) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba

"The goal talks about what Real Madrid is, not giving up until the end," Carvajal added.

Courtois He was the protagonist in the draw against Valencia in Mestalla. The goalkeeper participated decisively in the goal of Real Madrid when finishing a corner in the last play: "The result gives us a small high because we were losing 1-0 and we were disappointed. We always want the three points, but in the end getting one at the last minute leaves a good taste in the mouth and we go with energy at Camp Nou. We must help each other as much as possible. I made two good stops in the second half and then helped in the corner. ”

“In many of our corners Toni it hits the first stick and I said I'm going to run there. I saw that the ball went up a lot, I finished off well and then the ball went to Benzema, That scored goal. It's a good point here, although we wanted all three. I went up with conviction in case I put it because after 1-0 and seeing that there were few minutes left you are already thinking about whether there is a corner at the end ”.

Carvajal: "The goal talks about what Real Madrid is"

“This point for how it has been gives us confidence and prevents us from losing, which was too much punishment for the game we have done. We have managed to save that point and follow co-leaders. Now we face the Classic with confidence and wanting to win. ”

Carvajal: "The team is very well and we face the Classic with confidence."

“I think the goal play talks about Real Madrid, don't give up until the end. Courtois It has helped us achieve victory and I congratulate and continue. This is very long. Today we managed to tie in a difficult field and hopefully this point will help us achieve the League"

Point value

“At the end of the season we will see what this point is worth, that if you can't win, don't lose. We have put the game uphill with 1-0 but the team has turned to get the tie and so it has been. "

Streak without losing

"Keeping this streak without losing the team is very good. The mood blow is fantastic and we will try to win on Wednesday at Camp Nou and then at Bilbao to go on vacation at the top."

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