Courtois: "We made a difference in the second part"

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NEWS | 03/01/2020 | Barbara Jimenez

"We are happy, every effort has its reward," said Valverde.

Thibaut Courtois reached 50 games in the Classic League with the Real Madrid. The goalkeeper, who returned to make merit stops, analyzed the victory against Barcelona: “With 0-0 in the first half it was important not to score goals. When he touched me I made good stops, as before Arthur and Messi. Then, in the second half we have been better and we have made a difference. ”

“After our latest results we have continued to work well. I think that in those games we play better but we don't win, football are details. Today we have achieved it, also with the help of our fans, which is key and has been incredible. We have done very well with the fans ”.

Keys of Triumph

“Against Barcelona you can play in two ways: get into the area and defend or press and risk the exit. We did the second very well. Winning a Classic is always good. We are ahead but we cannot forget that there are 12 days left. Next week we visit Betis and if we want to win the League you have to beat there too. ”


Courtois reaches 50 matches of League as a Real Madrid player in his second season at the club. In the first one he participated in 27 matches in the championship and in the current sum 23. His performances are being fundamental so that the Real Madrid Be the least thrashed team in this League and stay undefeated in the championship at home.

Valverde: "Thanks to the fans for their support"

"We are happy. Every effort has its rewards. I want to thank the teammates and the fans for giving us their support during the 90 minutes. This is part of everyone because we are fighting for the same goal. We are proud to raise our heads after coming from a tough defeat. This was an opportunity to reverse the situation. ”

"Zidane He told us to be one on one but that implies that each player fights and does not give up any ball. I think we demonstrate well within the field. Being a player of Madrid You have to go for all the titles. Today was an opportunity to show people and the world that Real Madrid is for many things. ”

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