Courtois: "You have to make a great game from the first second"

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NEWS | 11/25/2019 | Alberto Navarro | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba

"We are in a great moment and we are facing a very good team like the PSG," the goalkeeper explained.

Thibaut Courtois attended the media in the previous game that will play the Real Madrid before the PSG, corresponding to the fifth day of the Champions League (Tuesday, 9:00 p.m., Movistar Champions League): “You have to leave strong from the first minute. The other day against Real we lacked a bit of intensity at the beginning. You have to learn from that and tomorrow will be a great game from the first second and you have to do it until the 95th minute. ”

“I think my relationship with him Bernabeu It is good. All I can do is give my best in every game to be in the heart of Real Madrid. That is won in the field with performances, with winning matches and titles. That cannot be won with words. ”

Your performance

“They are things that cannot be controlled. After the game against Celta, everyone talked about my stop, which was very good. Then there were other games … but in League We have conceded very few goals. As a goalkeeper you cannot lose confidence in yourself. You have to train butt because there are also Areola and Altube. I always try to do it and I only think about myself and helping the team and not what they say. I listen to the master because he is the one who sees me every day and that is the important thing. ”

Going match

“I would not say revenge. That match helped us to learn. It was not a good game for us but I think we have improved a lot lately and it will be a meeting to see how we are doing. We face a great team and we are in a great moment. It is more to want to win against a large team that also aspires to win the Champions League. We can show that we are full and want to continue like this. ”

Party Preparation

“I work all the matches in the same way and I don't think if Cavani, Neymar or Mbappé are in front of me or if I play against Celta or Leganés. All strikers have a lot of quality to score goals. "

I want to give the maximum in each encounter and be like this in the heart of the Real Madrid players.

"It is true that PSG players have a high level and are among the best in the world but you always have to be prepared for everything."


“We are here to win games and what has happened has been in their selection. What we want from him is that he gives everything in training and matches and helps us always win. I can't ask for more from him. Then he Bernabeu You can have your opinion but I am nobody to comment on that. ”

“It is logical that you love your country and that feeling can be before the place where you are playing. That's not a problem. It has made a little ball. TO Bale I see him every day and I know him and he is involved one hundred percent. He is a professional, takes care of himself and on Saturday we saw how he entered the game. He was very involved, the third goal comes from a center of his and almost scored a goal. If I wasn't involved I wouldn't play like that. I'm sure he's one hundred percent here. ”


“When they called him we know what can happen. As a team I was focused on the game. It is heard but we are one hundred percent in the game. We do not think about it. They can have their opinion and we respect it, but they always come to support us. It is a critical audience that wants us to be always full ”.


“The players that are the best in the world are always good. Neymar is Neymar, he has his quality and he is going to put a difficult game on us. But we face a great PSG and we must try to stop them as a block, the whole team and not just think of one player or another. ”

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