The Extremadura Business Regional Confederation (CREEX) and the Platform for the Third Sector of Extremadura (PTSEX) held a joint press conference this morning, in addition to informing the Extremaduran business community about the novelty of marking the 'X' in solidarity Their declaration of the Corporation Tax, have shown their support for an initiative that, according to Javier Peinado, Secretary General of the CREEX, "supposes to directly support entities that fight so that all people have the same possibilities".

Peinado has been accompanied in this press call to present the campaign 'solidarity company, eXtraordinaria company' by a broad representation of entities of the Third Sector, headed by its president María Teresa Suárez, and which were part of CERMI representatives, Caritas , ONCE and Red Cross.

The secretary general of the representative entity of the productive fabric of Extremadura has indicated that the campaign 'solidary company, eXtraordinaria company' aims "Promote and disseminate something that we have been doing for months, and this is the opportune moment, since now the companies and their consultancies are doing the liquidation of the tax", and added: "Until last year, only natural persons had this option, marking the X in their income tax return, but now we have the satisfaction that also the mercantile companies can do it, thus deciding the destination of, even if , a small part of what they pay for Companies ".

Hairstyle has highlighted that, as happens with the 'X' solidarity of income tax, this option in the Corporation Tax is "simple and without additional cost to the company." To use this option, simply check box 0079 in the case of Model 200, for SMEs, or box 069 in Model 220 in the case of large companies.

The general secretary of CREEX has stressed that there is greater awareness in society about the importance of the work carried out by Third Sector entities, "for their contribution to improving the opportunities of those who would be at risk of socially excluded, and, why not say it, because the very action of these entities also generates an economy induced in the form of employment and creation of wealth ".

Javier Peinado added that CREEX and its partner organizations support this initiative "and companies I think they are welcoming, because, as taxpayers, we want to decide the fate of this part of my taxes, going even beyond the corporate social responsibility to enter fully into the Sustainable Development Goals. " For the business leader, "for a long time now, the business community has assumed that its job is not only to create jobs and wealth, which is already a lot, but also contribute to improve within their possibilities the social environment in which they operate, and this is a good medium ". For this reason, he concluded his speech with a clear message to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of Extremadura: "to mark the box, because it is for the good of all."

On the other hand, María Teresa Suárez explained that the funds obtained from this solidarity contribution will go to a line that the State will allocate to the entities of the Third Sector in a national call (the Corporation Tax is not assigned to the autonomous communities) .

In addition, he has insisted that With this possibility "free and voluntary" everyone wins, since the company increases its social value and its responsibility to the environment and third sector entities can have funds to develop social projects that benefit everyone.

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