The app, which will be available on Android and IOS, will include audio-guidance and geolocation service, and will allow access to information about hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, etc., as well as the tourist attractions and information points of each location, in order to provide any visitor with complete virtual data to schedule your visit and locate and enjoy all those indications at your fingertips at the point where you are.

This application will also allow the user, through the aforementioned geolocation, to calculate, starting from its location, distance and travel times to any place that interests you visit. Also, with the audio guide you will receive information about the monuments and places and any service that you demand in a much more comfortable way.

The app will be available in Spanish, Portuguese and English. The project, whose implementation will be reported as soon as it is available, is funded by the General Directorate of Tourism and the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports.

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