• It recalls episodes that border on crime, such as the sending by email of a photocopy of the front and back of the DNI of the alternate member of the Macarena District to all entities and political parties with representation in the Municipal District Board "
  • He warns the mayor that, if he does not put order, VOX will be forced to act against the politics of tension and hatred of the left and defend himself, which will turn the Municipal District Boards into a kind of political battlefield that we do not want, but that we would be willing to carry out if the situation requires it "

Seville, December 2, 2020. The spokesperson of the Municipal VOX Group in the Seville City Council, Cristina Peláez, ha erequested to the mayor of the city Juan Espadas, respect for the members of VOX represented in the Municipal District Boards, after a series of personal attacks and attitudes that have sometimes come to border on crime.

In the course of a meeting between the municipal spokesperson for VOX and the mayor of Seville, Peláez has demanded that Espadas “act immediately and call the heads of the Municipal District Boards to order so that, from now on, please keep all due respect to VOX vocals and avoid episodes like publication of the National Identity Document of the alternate member of the Macarena District which was sent to the heads of the entities and political groups represented therein, without an explanation or apologies being requested”.

"Our members, citizens of Seville who are neither professional politicians nor used to the bad arts of the representatives of the PSOE and Podemos, They are tried to intimidate them in the plenary sessions of the Municipal District Boards, with even violent attitudes, which are completely inadmissible and that we are not willing to accept, so we hope the mayor will take the timely measures so that due respect is preserved ".

Cristina Peláez recalled that “in the case of the Macarena district, an email was sent to all representatives of the entities and parties that make up the Municipal District Board. A photocopy of the DNI of our alternate member, both on the front and the back, in a clear breach of the Data Protection Law that has placed personal information such as our representative's address in the hands of everyone ”.

"The problem we suffered in the former Macarena also extends to North District, where by system, our vowel must support political and personal attacks that go far beyond the role and rationale of these bodies, which cannot and should not be an extension of the municipal plenary session nor discuss matters of national politics, because that's what the City Council, the Parliament of Andalusia and the Congress of Deputies are for ”.

The municipal spokesperson for VOX lamented "the politics of tension and hatred emanating from the representatives of the PSOE and Podemos, and some remote-controlled entities by both political formations, which translates into an environment of hostility that is not acceptable and that we will not tolerate, because if we continue like this, we will have to respond with the same arts and turn the district Municipal Boards into a kind of political battlefield that we neither want nor desire, but that we would be willing to carry out if the situation requires it ".

Peláez has warned the mayor of Seville "the especially arrogant attitude of Adela Castaño, who does not understand or understand the concept of democracy and who has not yet come to assume that VOX is represented in the Seville City Council at the express wish of the Sevillians who have wanted it. Therefore, Mrs. Castaño must accept, whether she likes it or not, the opinions of our members and don't get confused, as you do, of stage. The plenary session of the City Council is not the same as the plenary session of a District Board ”.

"The same situation of hostility and hatred has been transferred by the PSOE and Podemos, to Cerro Amate, Nervión and San Pablo-Santa Justa, where the same episodes occur regularly, so we very much fear that we could be facing a strategy of the left to intimidate our members so that they resign, aware that they are professional politicians and representatives of entities that They live on a public salary or generous subsidies. I tell all of them that They will not get it, whether with the mediation of the mayor or not ”, he concluded.

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