• He asserts that "to safeguard the health and economy of the people of Seville and Spain, we must provide massive tests to the entire population, involve the Armed Forces in all existing logistical needs, the urgent national manufacture of medical and pharmaceutical materials, and reinforce border control "
  • "From VOX we have proposed a National Economic Emergency Plan that includes, among other measures, the suspension of corporate tax obligations and the abolition of all taxes on household consumption and the inheritance tax"

Seville, April 3, 2020. The spokesperson for the Municipal VOX Group at the Seville City Council, Cristina Peláez, stated this Friday, during an extraordinary plenary session that was held electronically, that the mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, "is the main socialist mayor of large capitals and, as such, has the obligation to raise Pedro Sánchez , emergency measures that do not respond to political colors ”.

In her speech before the municipal plenary session, the VOX spokesperson has expressed “in these sad days our remembrance to the victims of COVID19, who already exceed the dramatic figure of 10,000 deaths in Spain"

"As we all know, in addition to the health crisis we are facing, Spain is facing a serious economic situation that is being increased by some of the irresponsible measures taken by the socio-communist government of Mr. Sánchez."

Peláez has asserted that "We are in the most difficult moment since the Spanish civil war and we consider that exceptional situations require equally exceptional measures. In the face of this emergency, at VOX, we proposed on March 31 at a press conference some extraordinary and strategic measures that, surprisingly, have been silenced in the mainstream media. We fear that it may have been due to the 15 million euros that they have allocated to "buy" to the televisions while they do not buy protection material for health workers, the State Security Forces and the Armed Forces, and while they collect their quotas from the self-employed who are not allowed to work"

"In the municipal group of VOX, for our part, we want to bring these measures to the Plenary Council of the city of Seville because Espadas is the only socialist mayor among the large Spanish capitals. Neither Madrid, nor Barcelona, ​​nor Valencia, nor Bilbao have a socialist mayor, so we understand, consequently, that he has a privileged situation to propose to the president of his party these emergency measures that do not respond to any political color but to the purest common sense"

"They respond to an unparalleled national emergency, and the urgency of anticipate problems to be able to solve them with the necessary foresight. Which unfortunately to date, has been conspicuous by its absence. "

The spokeswoman for the municipal group VOX has stressed that "In order to safeguard the health and economy of the people of Seville and Spain, massive tests must be provided to the entire population, the Armed Forces must be involved in all existing logistical needs, the urgent national manufacture of medical and pharmaceutical material, and the database centralized to effectively feed the National Epidemiology Center, reinforce border control … and immediate dismissal of any autonomous authority that attacks the principle of national solidarity"

"From VOX we have proposed a National Economic Emergency Plan that includes the suspension of the tax obligations of companies and the abolition of all taxes that are imposed on household consumption and the inheritance tax ”.

Peláez has aimed to “suspend the payment of the part of the capital in the amortization installment of the mortgage loans and allow the rescue of pension funds and savings plans, without fiscal penalties, to suspend the accrual of social security contributions, both of the employed persons as well as the self-employed, the drastic reduction of political spending as elimination of subsidies to political parties, trade union organizations, business organizations and non-governmental organizations ”.

Similarly, the municipal spokesperson for VOX in Seville has had an impact “on the immediate incorporation of union freedmen to their productive positions in critical sectors such as health and law enforcement and the assumption of payment by the State and for three months, of the amount of the payroll of all workers who have been prohibited by the State from working ”.

Cristina Peláez has addressed the Mayor of Seville reminding him that "For decades, it has been the Spanish who have supported the State and now we need the State to support us and keep our jobs and businesses afloat, everyone's, not just public workers, so that no one has to be left behind ”.

"We know that to finance this, we will have no choice but to resort to public debt. It is a situation of such an emergency that it requires it, but I insist that the Sánchez government has to negotiate and tell the EU loudly and clearly to allocate the billion euros envisaged for a climate emergency to sustain jobs … that of this crisis, or We all go out together, or we don't go out ”.

The spokeswoman for the municipal group VOX has asserted that "we yield to the mayor of Seville, in a fair way, these common sense proposals to make them their own and champion them before Sánchez as the most important socialist mayor in Spain at the moment. We are sure that the people of Seville will know how to thank them when we all overcome this catastrophic situation together. ”

Peláez has concluded his speech “showing my great gratitude, to all the professionals who go out to the battlefield every day, putting their health at risk, to fight on the front line against this very serious crisis. To our health workers, the Armed Forces, Corps and State Security Forces, to our extraordinary Local Police, to our city cleaning services, to the social services that continue to work to assist the most disadvantaged in our city, to the officials of this house who continue to work overtime to keep our city council afloat and to all the supermarket workers , pharmacies and other essential activities ”.

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