• He asks the mayor that "beyond the propaganda to which he has us accustomed, from the face, accompany us to each house that is occupied and be with the neighbors who have had to organize in citizen patrols"
  • He asserts that Espadas "has it easy to fight against squatting because he has in his hand to improve the municipal ordinance, and the possibility of influencing to get rid of the Podemos mafia, from where they encourage the attack on private property"

Seville, August 25, 2020. The spokesperson of the Municipal VOX Group in the Seville City Council, Cristina Peláez, has regretted "The contradictions of Mayor Juan Espadas in the matter of housing occupation, after his proposal to create a national table to review the laws on squatting."

Peláez has stated in this regard that “it is surprising that the mayor of the most important provincial capital of the PSOE goes down by proposing a national table between the State, the autonomous communities and the Town Halls to review the legislation against squatting when it is they, the PSOE, and its government partners in Spain and Seville, who promote, support and justify the squatting of homes ”.

“Swords, what you should do beyond the propaganda you have us used to, is stand up, accompany VOX representatives wherever there is squatting, and be with neighbors who, in the absence of a government response, have to organize citizen patrols to prevent the right to private property that we have from being violated all Spaniards and that this Government does not quite understand, understand and above all defend ”.

The municipal spokesperson for VOX has stated that “once again, The mayor of Seville shows his cynicism when on the one hand he recognizes that there is a great social alarm and on the other he represents the PSOE, which is the first defender of squatters who, thanks to this attitude of the Government, feel strong in front of the owners, in the face of the Police and before the judges ”.

“The mayor of Seville has it very easy if he really wants to combat the illegal occupation of houses, for the simple reason that you have in your hand the possibility of improving the municipal ordinance about it and for that it should start by letting go of its Podemos partners, who are a mafia in the Seville City Council and in the Government itself, from where they encourage the attack on private property through a revolutionary and neo-communist process ”.

Cristina Peláez has asserted that “from VOX we have denounced on numerous occasions that the phenomenon of home squatting has gotten out of hand because from the Government there has been a institutional drive that it has clearly reached Spaniards, who feel defenseless in the face of the real threat of knowing that all Spaniards can suffer from the occupation of our home.

“We are verifying in Seville and in the rest of the province, the impudence of the squatters who do not hesitate to confront the owners, even showing off a high standard of living. Squatting does not affect, as until the arrival of this Government, wealthy people or with various properties, now it is entirely up to humble people, as we were able to verify in the recent case of the occupied house of an immigrant in El Tardón ”.

The municipal spokeswoman for VOX regretted that “Juan Espadas wants to calm his conscience with a headline, believing that this will reassure the Sevillians who are clamoring for a tightening of the legislation. The facts show that until now, the Municipal Government of Seville is more with squatters than with homeowners, a harsh reality that has surpassed the PSOE and its partners in the Government and the parties that support them ”, he concluded.

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