Seville, July 28, 2020. The spokesperson for the Municipal VOX Group at the Seville City Council, Cristina Peláez, has stated this Tuesday that "Seville is getting worse and Juan Espadas has shown that he is nowhere near the solution to the city's problems."

This is what Peláez has said in his speech at the first plenary session of the debate on the state of the city in which VOX participates as a municipal group. For your interest, we reproduce in full, both in video and in writing, the speech delivered by the municipal spokesperson for VOX in the extraordinary plenary session.


"This is our first debate on the state of the city and, if we have something clear, it is that Seville is, to our misfortune, his and that of all the people of Seville, infinitely worse than a year ago. In the balance that you make today, your government and your political party have an important share of responsibility, especially in the three issues that most concern the people of Seville who, survey after survey, coincide in reflecting that they are unemployment, cleaning and security.

Seville continues being, among the large cities of Spain, the one that suffers the highest unemployment rate. Since we reached the highest unemployment rate in the previous crisis, which was in 2013, unemployment in this city has decreased, until before confinement, by only 7%, while in the same period, the Spanish average it has been almost 12%. If we started badly, each year that passes we get worse. I do not want to think about how the crisis ahead will affect us in this situation.

A city council does not have many powers in this matter. But the truth is that in our municipal area we can contribute our grain of sand to improve these figures. What has been your grain of sand, Mr. Swords? I bring you the best of examples: his disastrous management is going to make a large part of the 15 million euros that came from Europe from the EDUSI funds, we have to return. Well invested, they would have created jobs.

The diligence they lack to promote job creation, they have plenty, of course, to squander millions of euros on ideological and superfluous spending. In that you do not skimp, because you know, in addition, with the support of the other parties, with the exception of VOX.

We have already denounced it on other occasions, but since we are holding the debate on the state of the city, we are forced to repeat the budgetary excesses that this government team constantly incurs.

  • More than half a million euros in historical memory budgeted.

  • More than one million seven hundred thousand Euros in development cooperation. It seems that for this they do not hide in the powers of the local administration. This would be great if we had money left over and we didn't have 6 of the poorest neighborhoods in Spain. These neighborhoods do need development cooperation. Mr. Espadas, do not forget that your obligation is to look after the interests of the people of Seville and not by the citizens of other countries, for that the Foreign Ministry is already there.

  • More than two million two hundred thousand € to promote gender equality, an issue that for the majority of Spaniards has already been overcome, but since you are still anchored in the middle of the 20th century, you have not learned that today women and Men have the same opportunities and the law protects us both equally.

And let's not forget the amount of opportunities that we lose because you are unable to manage budgets, leaving millions of euros without being executed, which, well managed and with a clear city project, would revert to the improvement of our neighborhoods, in the improving employment and putting Seville in the place it deserves.

If we talk about infrastructure and investments, sYour career in this field is a story of unfulfilled promises, Lord Swords. In addition to a clear example of how when your party is in opposition, you demand a lot and, now that the PSOE governs Spain, you only participate in meetings that end in nothing. Seville's life is going by when the infrastructure projects that have been incomplete for years or not even started are ALREADY unclogged.

  • I remind you of a news from November 2017, "Sevillian socialists demand that the Government of Spain unclog once and for all the investment in the SE-40 tunnels". (poster)

What has happened in just over two years for you to settle for bridges and change your attitude towards the ministry? You are more aware of your political future, of the interests of your party, than of your obligation to defend above all, the interests of the people of Seville. By the way, you and the people of Seville have not told us the reality of your recent meeting with the Minister of Public Works, Mr. Ábalos, because the reality is that in terms of infrastructure and especially in the area of SE-40, we return to the starting box.

  • With respect to Line 2 and 3 of the metro, more of the same; the Neverending Story. It was screened in 2011. 9 years later, it can be said that it was nothing but wet paper. Could you invest part of your intervention in explaining what you have done to make this metro a reality? And don't tell me the agreement you reached with Juan Marín, thanks to his private usher, represented in this corporation. Knowing his career during these five years, you will understand that we do not trust ourselves very much.

He would have to spend all the time available to speak in this plenary session to talk about his smoke sales in terms of projects that are sold first and then are not executed and take forever.

  • Artillery factory, Altadis, Ciudad de la Justicia, Seville Airport train connection, Ring Parking, La Gavidia, Sevilla Park etc, etc, etc. They are just examples of the issues that would improve Seville, and you are unable to face them.

Do not hide, as you usually do, in that everything depends on various administrations, because that should not be an excuse for a good Mayor to negotiate for the benefit of his city and more so having in the Government his own party, although we are very afraid that in this case it is more a harm than an opportunity. Mr. Swords, go to the office of Minister Ábalos and do not get up from there until you get the commitment that Seville deserves in infrastructure and investments, with the corresponding budget lines. And, if by the way, he tells you that he spoke with the persecuted Delcy Rodríguez and that they carried inside the 40 suitcases that landed in Barajas, you will do a great favor to international Justice and especially to Spanish.

Let's talk about Security. The problems of insecurity in our neighborhoods are not going to disappear by magic. Look, your management in this regard, Mr. Swords, can be defined with only two data.

While the crime rate for some types of crime has been increasing during the years of his mandate, the number of effective local police officers has been decreasing. It has been decreasing basically because you, Mr. Swords, have incorporated a total of 0 new police officers. Zero.

And please, do not shrug your shoulders, tell us about competences because then I will have to tell you the same as before, that you are going to meet with Minister Marlaska and do not get up from his office until the troops of national police that Seville needs.

Do you know how much robbery in commercial establishments and other facilities has increased since 2017? 32.9%, do not you think this is more than enough to justify the increase in the number of police in Seville?

Instead, not only do they not increase, but they decrease year after year due to retirements and other various circumstances. Seville has budgeted 1,259 places, but effective we only have 972. But, in any case, it is not only a problem of lack of troops, it is also a problem of organization and management and lack of the necessary means for our agents to exercise their exercise. Here, Mr. Swords, what is really missing is political will and capacity.

If Seville suspends in security, what to say about Cleaning? Seville is dirty. This, unfortunately is a no-brainer, but from VOX we refuse that dirt is an unsolvable problem in Seville, and we do not agree that, as you and your group self-complacently proclaim, the fault lies only with the people of Seville and their lack of civility. Nor is it an employee problem. Not all Sevillians are uninvited, nor would everything be solved by increasing the staff. The problem, Mr. Mayor, is one of management, and you, so far, have been unable to confront the problem and articulate solutions.

Garbage accumulates on the streets, at any time of the year and in all neighborhoods. This is an indisputable reality, which hurts the people of Seville and is not the best business card of a city open to the world.

But, being very worrying that you and your government are unable to solve the problem of the cleaning of Seville, almost as much or more we are concerned about the chaos in the management of the municipal cleaning company, where we are immersed in a judicial process for the alleged embezzlement of more than a million euros.

The balance of the accounts requires our attention and yours. In principle, more than a million euros have been transferred to someone else's pocket. At VOX we do not accept that no item has been reflected in the annual accounts that indicates the will to recover said balance. Mr. Swords, do you give up on the money? I inform you that while you do nothing, thanks to the popular accusation that VOX exercises, more than € 108,000 have already been recovered

The reliability of the audits that have been carried out in LIPASAM in these 10 years ago is clearly questioned. They were financial audits, and what is clearly missing is an operational and external audit. Are you not going to commission operational audits of these 10 years ago to find out how much money has really been stolen from the people of Seville?

If this occurs in the private sector, the shareholders of a company would request the resignation of those responsible. You, who represents the shareholders of that company, will not ask for anything? Will you again leave without defending the interests of the people of Seville? Do you really think that we are not going to demand political responsibility, by action or omission?

In LIPASAM more than 1 million euros are stolen and they don't find out until after 10 years and nothing happens here. No responsibilities are demanded, nobody resigns, there is no dismissal. It is all the fault of the former accountant. If you do not stop anyone or if nobody assumes political responsibilities, you will be sending, Mr. Mayor, a dangerous message.

There are many more problems in Seville that remain unsolved. You, who has been ruling for five years, do not undertake policies to reach the figure of 700,000 inhabitants, which would bring benefits to our city. While acting with astonishing carelessness, our young people end up going to reside in nearby municipalities, because the urban policy that you develop prevents that there can be a more affordable housing offer for our young people.

The demographic winter problem is not taken seriously, to the point of rejecting any policy that encourages births and favors large families.

While you are still entangled in photos, empty pacts and meetings without content, our streets show a deteriorated road and pavement, abandoned buildings are accumulating without you demanding that the proprietary administrations act, the illegal occupation of houses in our Old Town is widespread, our municipal companies are losing money on purpose, hundreds of leading businesses have to close. But you keep announcing things and hype that never come.

This is the debate on the state of the city, and our city, our beloved Seville, is in bad shape. It is getting worse, and you have already had five years to show us all that it is not, by far, the solution to Seville's problems. The problems of the people of Seville, Mr. Swords, are not solved by letting things happen, putting themselves in profile, using the City Council as a platform for political promotion, or using it as one more seat in the Andalusian Parliament.

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