It states "the need for a law that protects both women and men, children and the elderly and all people who are in a situation of weakness and special vulnerability"

Seville, February 28, 2020. The spokeswoman for the VOX Municipal Group in the City Council of Seville, Cristina Peláez, said Tuesday that "signing manifests and putting themselves behind a banner does not solve violence against women."

The VOX municipal spokeswoman recalled that “with the last murder yesterday in Posadas, there are already 14 women who have lost their lives in what we have been doing this year, which shows that something is failing, despite the campaigns, of social and media pressure, specific legislation, and hundreds of millions of euros invested to fight domestic violence ”

“We have spent years, decades, investing huge amounts of public resources in the fight against a phenomenon that, as we are checking, is not solved with money, or with ties, or with choreographies for televisions, because violence continues to exist as the beach bars grow of gender turned into placement agencies related to the parties of the progressive consensus ”.

In this regard, Cristina Peláez has stressed that “Vox is the party that defends women the most; we are the only ones who ask that their murderers or serial rapists fulfill their entire sentence so that they are not back on the street after three days, in front of the parties that claim to defend both women and that are against this measure ”

The spokeswoman for the VOX municipal group in Seville has raised "the need for a law that protects both women and men, children, the elderly and all people who are in conditions of weakness and vulnerability."

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