Remember that "the Nazi and communist regimes committed mass murders, genocides and deportations and cause of loss of human life never seen in the History of Humanity"

Seville, February 21, 2020. The spokeswoman for the VOX Municipal Group in the City Council of Seville, Cristina Peláez, he has lamented this Thursday, during the ordinary municipal plenary that, “today, in the 21st century, Nazism and communism have shaken hands in the City Hall of Seville"

Peláez has thus reacted to the thread of the motion submitted by VOX related to the European Holocaust Memorial Day finally, could not be processed as an Institutional Declaration "as we intended for the refusal of Adelante Sevilla to support this initiative to condemn the crimes committed by Nazism."

VOX spokeswoman at the City Hall of the capital has reproached Podemos that “the anti-Semitism of 58 mayors who have approved the declaration of their municipalities as Israeli Apartheid Free Spaces which has resulted in approved motions through which local governments commit to not hire any company, product, entity or organization that was Israeli or related to the Jewish people. "

In line, the spokeswoman for VOX in the City of Seville has recalled “a historical event dating back to August 23, 1939, when the Reich and USSR Foreign Ministers, Von Ribbentropp and Molotov, signed a treaty between the Nazi and communist regimes. With this pact, Hitler secured his rear guard to attack Western Europe. In return, both countries divided Poland, and the USSR had free access to annex the Baltic republics, Finland and other territories on its southern border. Without that pact, Hitler quite possibly could not have carried out his plans. Only nine days later, Germany invades Poland and World War II begins. ”

Peláez stressed that “this is what the European Parliament sees, which on September 19, 2019 established that World War II was the direct result of the infamous Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Treaty. Remember that the Nazi and communist regimes committed mass murders, genocides and deportations and were the cause of a loss of human lives and freedom in the twentieth century on a scale never before seen in the history of mankind. Condemn in the strongest terms the crimes against humanity and the massive violations of human rights perpetrated by the communist and Nazi regimes, ”he concluded.

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