• Asserts that "The mayor is not endorsed by a brilliant management of the budgets, with important items of expenses without executing, with a city that leaves business projects orphans, unable to detect the needs of the Sevillians, with the most absolute lack of control of the accounts and municipal companies, as shown by the LIPASAM case "

  • Ironizes about "the concern of the Sevillians for the urban agenda and sustainable mobility" and stresses that "it is an insult to the Spaniards who are having the worst time, throwing money into pure and simple ideological spending "

Seville, August 14, 2020. The spokesperson for the Municipal VOX Group in the Seville City Council, Cristina Peláez, has stated this Thursday that "We will not accept that the mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, uses climate scaremongering to be complicit in criminal health and economic management."

The municipal spokesperson for VOX has questioned the money that Sevilla will receive, a small part of what Espadas will deliver to Sánchez, as a result of the blackmail from the President of the Government to the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FAMP) reflected in an agreement reached on August 7.

“Espadas once again demonstrates its null democratic spirit and its lack of political stature by betting everything on marketing and propaganda, as is clear by clarifying the destination of that money through the media and not answering the representatives of the Sevillians that we are the political groups represented in the municipal corporation ”.

"Juan Espadas uses the press again to sell himself, to deceive the Sevillians who will not tell that this agreement will further indebt the government of Spain in the future, Not only in front of Brussels, but in front of the municipalities, and that are capable of indebting the Nation for a decade in order to maintain power for a few more months ”.

"To the socialist mayor of Seville brilliant budget management doesn't exactly endorse you, with important items of expenses not executed, with a city that leaves business projects orphaned, unable to detect the needs of Sevillians, with the most absolute lack of control of municipal accounts and companies, as shown in the LIPASAM case, where someone steals more than a million euros, and nobody assumes responsibility, and It must be VOX who tries to recover the money from the Sevillians ”.

Cristina Peláez has spoiled "the unfortunate management of this mayor an accomplice in the disaster to which the Socialists lead us; the ridiculous budget execution of the Edusi Plans aimed at job creation, their inability to demand and defend before the Pedro Sánchez government the much-needed connections and investments in infrastructures that Sevillians need so much, as well as their lack of pulse to try to recover the tourist and cultural industry ”.

"We are installed in a continuous sale of smoke of a mayor who dares to give lessons in political honesty when ironically aspires to lead a corrupt party to the ground. When the PSOE of Andalusia returns the 680 million stolen from the Andalusian unemployed and asks for forgiveness, Espadas will be able to look us in the eyeAs long as that does not happen, he will have to continue pulling with little shame and propaganda to stay afloat "

The municipal spokesperson for VOX has asserted that “in the 2020 budget, approved in December 2019, before the tragedy that devastates us, of the more than 862 million in the corporation's budget, the Municipal Government allocates 37 million to real investments , forgetting about the neighborhoods, the industrial estates, the infrastructures, in short, the development of Seville ”.

“And now with the money it receives from the government, and with Seville with serious problems of employment, security, respect for private property, business entrepreneurship and illegal immigration, it is an insult to the Spanish who are having the worst time, throwing public money into the urban agenda and sustainable mobility, therefore, pure and simple ideological spending ”.

Peláez recalled that the Economic and Social Council of Seville (CESSS), in its report referring to the 2020 budgets, “gave a severe warning to Espadas with the lowering of the census in Seville, so necessary for the transfers that are they receive from the state. Sevillian families do not deserve his interest either, because according to him the main concern of Sevillians should be the urban agenda and sustainable mobility ”.

“Espadas repeatedly underestimates the intelligence of the Sevillians by stating that it has scrupulously complied with the obligation to allocate savings to repay debt. It would be missing more, it is by legal imperative! "

Cristina Peláez has regretted that the FEMP agreement “forces a long process in the Cortes in which, once again, the separatist and communist partners of this government will have to be satisfied. How much is this going to cost us? "

"In all this beautiful speech that Espadas wields, You forget the possibility of cutting wasteful expenses. At no time do you consider reducing unnecessary expenses. At VOX we consider urgent the suppression of the entire administrative superstructure and duplication as the first step in facing the debt contracted with Brussels and meeting the real needs of the Spanish and the Sevillians ”, he concluded.

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