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Inés Arrimadas and members of the delegation of the orange formation in the European Parliament convey to Europe their concern about the reform of the Judicial Power that the Government of Spain intends

The president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, held a meeting this Monday with the vice president of the European Commission and responsible for Values ​​and Transparency, Věra Jourová, to convey Cs's concern regarding the independence of the Judiciary in Spain, as well as the situation of Spanish in teaching and in the educational system of our country.

At the meeting, which was held online, the president of Ciudadanos was accompanied by the head of the Cs delegation in Europe, Luis Garicano; the vice-president of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, Maite Pagazaurtundúa; and the liberal MEP Jordi Cañas.

The Cs delegation has expressed to Vice President Jourová their concern about the project of the current Government of Spain to limit the functions of the General Council of the Judiciary while it is not renewed. A reform that goes in the opposite direction to the spirit of the Spanish Constitution and that, in the opinion of the liberal formation, collides head-on with the principle of judicial independence.

The European Commission has already warned Spain that the CGPJ must be renewed "urgently" with community standards, which establish that at least half of the members of the Council must be elected by the judges and magistrates themselves, as proposed by Ciudadanos. In this sense, the Cs delegation reminded the Vice President of the Commission that, last week, the Citizens' Group in the European Parliament asked the Commission to stop this reform to limit the powers of the CGPJ until it is renewed.

Regarding the suppression of Castilian as a vehicular language in Spain, Cs has pointed out to Jourová the discrimination suffered by many fathers and mothers in Spain because of the language, and they have cited examples, such as recent episodes of coercion of merchants or workers for the use of of Spanish in Catalonia. For this reason, Cs has reiterated that the suppression of Spanish as a vehicular language goes against numerous judgments of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court, sentences that are not fulfilled in Catalonia, for which Arrimadas, Garicano, Pagazaurtundúa and Cañas have expressed his concern to the Vice President of the European Commission.

In this way, Ciudadanos will continue to promote proposals and reforms from the European institutions, which are essential to move towards a more just society. The EU is an essential instrument to defend values ​​such as equality, moderation and justice, values ​​that Cs shares and to which it is committed.

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