01-15-2020 | Cs

Noemí de la Calle, deputy of Ciutadans, regrets that JXCat and ERC do not allow the minister to give explanations about non-payments to child protection centers

Citizens (Cs) has achieved that in the commission of 'Treball, Afers Socials and Famílies' the appearance of the Minister of Treball is approved to give explanations of the reasons why “more than 80 million euros were thrown away European Union funds to promote active employment policies during the toughest years of the crisis ”. The spokeswoman for the liberal formation in this commission, Noemí de la Calle, recalled that during these years “the citizens endured the wildest cuts in democracy, the unemployment rate was over 20% and the corruption of 3% was in full boom ”, which is why it has considered“ urgent ”that those responsible for the Government explain the reasons why they did not access these grants.

On the other hand, also in the commission held today the deputy of Cs has lamented that "Junts per Catalunya and ERC have blocked the Minister to explain the repeated defaults of the Generalitat to child protection centers." And he explained that this non-payment has resulted in a “precariousness of the working conditions of the workers and in the quality of the care provided to the supervised minors”. De la Calle has indicated that his training has "years of warning of the problem while the Department continues to look the other way"

"Everything is elbows in the photos, but at the time of putting resources the Generalitat washes its hands," said the deputy of Cs. And he added that "from Citizens we will not stop insisting and presenting proposals such as those that have been approved today to increase places in occupational centers, in residences or other housing resources for people with intellectual disabilities."

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