The Municipal Groups of Citizens, PSOE and Podemos voted in the last plenary session against a VOX motion that demanded the provision of free masks for all residents of Benalmádena as long as their use is mandatory and, once the state of alarm has ended, to those who need them with a medical prescription. The PP, for its part, abstained.

Miguel Ángel Jiménez, councilor of VOX, justified his motion by the "current situation of state of alarm" which, he explained, "is hitting the weakest, but most necessary economic sectors again, in the continuation of the tragic management of a government insolvent". "Many families are seeing their economy seriously affected and cannot afford to buy the most basic and necessary food," he warned.

Heating or masks

The mayor explained that these neighbors "who were previously taxpayers to the City Council, need now to be the Town Hall"
who gives them help with something as necessary as food and other basic products or services "and denounced that, in addition," thousands of Spaniards still do not receive ERTES and the minimum vital income is authorized in a questionable way. "

For all these reasons, "the burden of acquiring recently regulated compulsory products represents an intolerable effort for many families," he stated in his motion. "The situation is critical and requires an immediate and forceful response," he demanded, adding that "no grandparent should choose between heating the home or buying masks."

Therefore, the motion rejected by Ciudadanos, PSOE and Unidas Podemos also asked

  • Require the Autonomous Community to provide the corresponding item in the budgets for financing the distributed material under the conditions established in the previous point.
  • Urge the Government of Spain to comply with and expedite the announced VAT reduction on masks from 21% to 4% VAT

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