10-26-2019 | Cs

Citizens (Cs) defends that it will continue to stand up to the nationalists with courage and is defined as the voice of millions of Catalans who are fed up with nationalism. The orange formation recalls that it is time to be united and stand up to the totalitarians and tell them: that Catalonia is Spain. Therefore, Cs has installed, today in Pl. Catalunya, the letters with the motto ‘Catalonia is Spain’. The party adds that the streets are not part of the separatists, they belong to everyone, it is enough to sow chaos, to try to make us feel foreigners in our own land and to try a new blow.

Cs was already in Pl. Sant Jaume last Sunday, with the leader of the party, Albert Rivera, and this Sunday he will be back in the streets of Barcelona because they are proud to be Catalan, Spanish and European and they will leave the skin until normality and coexistence return to Catalonia.

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