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The liberal formation considers that it is time to return to the families the effort they have made in these hard weeks of confinement

The Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs) will ask Congress to allow the Government, in a controlled manner and in compliance with the measures of social distancing and according to the health recommendations imposed by the authorities, the release of minors to the streets. The liberal formation considers that, after more than a month of confinement to Spanish families, it is time to return the effort they have made in these hard weeks.

Thus, next Wednesday, in the foreseeable debate on the extension of the Alarm State, Citizens will ask the Government that children can leave the house under certain conditions: always accompanied by a single adult, for a limited time and in the home environment, respecting social distancing, security measures and in accordance with the sanitary recommendations imposed to stop the spread of the virus. In addition, the GPCs will ask the Government for a Plan to supply individual protection equipment to the population, as well as sanitary equipment for professionals and risk personnel.

The liberal formation recalls that these controlled outings of the smallest are already allowed in countries around us in similar circumstances and have been supported by regional leaders, the Ombudsman and numerous psychologists have warned that it would be beneficial for children that the uprising Staggered confinement will begin in them.

It is necessary to thank the effort that the families are making and avoid psychological exhaustion, favoring the possibility that the smallest of the house can take the air or take a walk as long as the sanitary and safety measures can continue to be maintained.

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