Holders of their statements before the media:

  • Cuca Gamarra announces that the GPP in Congress has presented a battery of questions asking the Executive for information because “we want transparency in relation to the Open Arms crisis” and because there is a Spanish ship in Lampedusa “fruit of improvisation, demagogy and lunches of the acting president, to pick up only 15 people. ”
  • Among the questions recorded are who are the technicians who have considered that it was better for a ship to go to Lampedusa instead of sending some planes that could bring these 15 people back to Spain, what is the cost of this entire operation or if not The Government of Spain considers that the Air Force is qualified to have brought these people to our country.
  • He denounces “the paralysis, the blockade and the kidnapping” to which Sánchez has subjected us and asks him to work so that there is a government soon in Spain because “he spent last week blank” and yesterday the spokeswoman of the Executive said that next week He won't do anything either.
  • He affirms that the PP has a commitment with the Spaniards to control the Government, to have initiative and to govern from the opposition by proposing different initiatives, that is why he has requested the appearance of Sánchez to give an account of his immigration policy and also of those matters in those who have not been held accountable "as required by law".
  • Ironizes that we have an acting president “who is allergic to the Congress of Deputies and to be controlled from the opposition.
  • He points out that, since the failed investiture, Sánchez has not contacted Pablo Casado to discuss the issues that matter to Spain.
  • “What the Spaniards deserve is that the acting president says if he is going to work to form a government for Spain or if he has already decided on a new general election, that does not make us waste time but, above all, that we do not miss respect".
  • He stresses that the PP is "a serious and responsible party", which continues on the same point, "it reaches out to state pacts if it achieves an investiture that guarantees governance in our country."
  • He urged the Sanchez Executive to stop his party "stop using the ministries in office as a mechanism of pressure and suffocation to other public administrations with a single objective: to obtain a free investiture", he asks him to work in the field of negotiation and enable the necessary mechanisms so that this financing, which is necessary for the year 2020 "is put into immediate operation".
  • Regarding a possible electoral repetition, Gamarra affirms that “the only person who knows what is going to happen is Pedro Sánchez, who has a road map drawn from the electoral night and, from there, moves only and exclusively in the tacticism. "
  • He explains that the PP considers that new elections are bad for Spain and that Sánchez has the responsibility to avoid them. "He will be responsible if there is no government for Spain," he insists.
  • He stressed that the PP "has shown its capacity for consensus, agreement and dialogue, which makes it possible for cities like Zaragoza to have a serious and responsible policy again."
  • "Since the municipal and regional elections of May, the PP is ruling for more than 20 million Spaniards and that is the result of its capacity for consensus, agreement and dialogue to form governments at the service of citizens," he concludes.

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