Cuca Gamarra en Orihuela

Holders of their statements before the media:

  • Where is Celaá? He asks. "40 sentences and not a requirement of the Government of Spain," he adds, during the demonstration against the Law of linguistic imposition of the Valencian Government.
  • He explains that “there are more than 40 sentences of the TSJCV against the current policy of socialist education and they continue moving towards their goal of“ Catalan indoctrination ”that can lead us to a“you try Valencian"
  • “What does the socialist ministry of Sanchez expect to send them a request? Will the High Inspection act or do the requirements only use them to persecute the Autonomous Communities where the PP governs to pursue the freedom of parents to choose the education they want for their children? ”He asks.
  • Denounces that "the PSOE and its partners are breaking the first major Pact in the educational field of the Transition" and announces that the PP will request the appearance of Celaá to "explain their intention to cut the rights and freedoms" of parents to choose the education and school of their children.
  • It considers that the exercise of the freedom of education is a fundamental right, which includes our Constitution, in its article 27, in a balance with the right to education.
  • He argues that “the State must protect and guarantee this right to families, as the main responsible for the education of their children. In no case can the role of the parents be substituted or conditioned by the State ”.
  • Call to socialism to return to the constitutional path of "the state pacts in education as claimed by the Spanish society and the entire educational community."
  • It requires "the withdrawal of the Celaá Law to return to the agreement against taxation".
  • "Valencian families demand with full rights that their children can enjoy, at least, identical training opportunities in languages ​​as the children of any other family of any other autonomous community or of any other country in our European environment."
  • Denounces “that the real objective of PSOE and Compromis in the Valencian Community is to copy the model that Catalonia used twenty years ago”. "All the steps taken by the current Botanist government, in education in the last 5 years, are going in that direction," he adds.
  • He says that “the PP will not allow them to use education as an instrument of indoctrination and implementation of their system because it threatens the freedom of parents to choose the education of their children and threatens the freedom to choose in what language is taught to his children".
  • He explains that today the Valencian Community, with the PSOE and Compromis, “is a replica of the Sanchez e Iglesias model. Families cannot directly choose the vehicular language of instruction because it is decided by the School Board ”.

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