La vicesecretaria de Política Social, Cuca Gamarra, en rueda de prensa


  • It demands that health professionals have all the resources and protective equipment necessary to face this health crisis, "as the autonomous governments have been demanding for weeks."
  • "We must protect the elderly and the professionals who work with them as much as possible," he emphasizes.
  • It proposes to the Executive more measures in the economic field to protect SMEs and the self-employed, such as eliminating contributions when there is no income, "thus shielding more than three million Spaniards."
  • He assures that "it is time for unity, loyalty and to put on the table the necessary and urgent measures" and leave aside other issues such as "shielding yourself in the CNI as Iglesias has done or that the Army cannot enter some CCAA for nationalism disputes ”.
  • He again extends his hand to the Government so that the Army can be deployed throughout the Communities "to help any Spaniard, wherever he lives."
  • "The Spaniards deserve that the politicians are at their height," says Gamarra, who stresses that the PP will act with "loyalty" towards the Executive "even above its investiture and government partners." "The only thing that matters is Spain and the Spanish."
  • He conveys his admiration and gratitude towards the health professionals "who are giving their best", as well as to the thousands of Spaniards who guarantee the supply of the population.
  • It shows its solidarity towards the sick and the relatives of the deceased.

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