Cuca Gamarra en la Intermunicipal del PP de Aragón

• He states that "Spain is not from Sánchez, it is 47 million Spaniards who have the right to be equal regardless of where we live." "There are no tables in which, through the back door, agreements are reached that break the constitutional framework," he says.

• Considers that this week has been “difficult and shameful for all Spaniards” after seeing Sánchez at the bilateral table in La Moncloa sitting with “Torra, who is disabled, or with independentistas, who are prosecuted”. "Those tables no longer generate Spain, they break it and dissolve it," he says.

• Denounces that Bildu, after meeting with the Socialists, boast of squeezing out the Socialists because he considers that they "humiliate all Spaniards"

• Regrets that Sanchez "does not want to be on the side of the constitutionalists" and reiterates that Casado "has shown his availability to agree with the PSOE PGE, if he left the tables of shame"

• Ensures that the PSOE "is generating more inequality among Spaniards" and criticizes that socialist barons "do not censor" this situation of territorial inequality

• Note that the PP is a party “stuck to the territory” and its priority is the concerns, needs and problems of each Spanish, “regardless of where they live”

• Criticizes the plan against depopulation that Sanchez presented in La Rioja for being "empty of measures" and believes that "all he wanted was to make up what had happened this week at other tables"

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