La vicesecretaria de Política Social, Cuca Gamarra

“On March 2 you said that the mask was useless. What has changed to make them mandatory now? Is it because there was no stockpiling of materials or has the criteria changed? ”

Remember that the director of Public Health has signed the de-escalation reports of all the Autonomous Communities saying that the trackers were sufficient, when there are now information that cast doubt on it

Ask the director of Public Health where she has been during the entire pandemic in the last five months, why she has not appeared as the maximum person in charge in our country and remembers that the PP had to ask the Chamber for protection to appear

As the representative of Spain at the European Center for Disease Control, he asked if he sent the rest of the Government the ECDC warning of March 2 to suspend massive events and the recommendation to raise awareness among the population to establish measures such as social distancing and suspension of meetings

Remember that as director of Public Health she recommended on March 6 to suspend massive events. "They should have been suspended", emphasizes

"What do you think has failed?" He asks. "If we do not recognize what has failed, the same mistakes will be made," he says.

He asks why the criteria of international organizations are not applied in the accounting for mortality and denounces the data gap with the official accounting with the real

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