Rueda de prensa Cuca Gamarra e Isabel García Tejerina

The deputy secretary of Social Policy stresses that, in the negotiation phase that begins after the 26M elections, for the PP there are two fundamental principles: seriousness and responsibility. "For this party it is important that the policy of pacts does not become a marketing or a souk, in which particular interests prevail and enter the field of contradictions," he says.

He points out that it is time to sit down and "start working, based on the programs, to create a government program". "The fundamental thing is to achieve stable governments and that is what the programs do, something that the PP is already working on".

Stresses the importance of not "breaking the voter's trust" in this period of dialogue with other parties and that, therefore, the offer of Mas Madrid to PSOE and C's to form a government, "distances itself from the trust that the voter" has deposited in the formation led by Albert Rivera. "I am convinced that the voters of Ciudadanos did not vote for Carmena but voted for another approach", and regarding the entry of Vox into the governments of the Community and the Madrid City Council, it points out that "the PP has not proposed entry into government". "We are considering starting the negotiations and, from there, the conclusions will come. In addition, it is not the first time that this situation occurs, there is more to see the agreement of Andalusia and the results it is having. "

Asked by the spokeswoman of the PP in the Congress, it indicates that "that corresponds to the president of the party, that counts on 65 great deputies and will know to choose to the most adapted for each moment". "The truth is that he has not felt me," he concludes.

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