Criticizes that the violence that is being experienced in Catalonia is not counteracted by the acting Government led by Pedro Sánchez

It requires the Executive to take measures that return normality and coexistence in Catalonia, such as the application of the National Security Law

"In front of a paralyzed Pedro Sánchez, Pablo Casado has proposed initiatives such as the reform of the Euroorder and the closure of the so-called Catalan embassies"

Remember that the division of the center-right vote in the previous elections only benefited Sánchez, so “the recipe” in this new electoral call must be “to unite the vote to win and be able to govern”

"We propose to the Spaniards that they support a moderate party and that they want to continue carrying out reforms to unite Spain," he says.

Stresses that in the PP "we assume our responsibility, which is to work for people." Not so Sánchez, he adds, that he had the responsibility of forming a government, but since the electoral night of 28-A ”he decided that he would summon all Spaniards to new elections”

Urges the PSOE of the Balearic Islands to break with the independence. “There will be the PP to strengthen what unites us, constitutionalism. We are a state party with one objective: to reinforce from the center the policies that benefit all citizens, wherever they live, ”he adds

He advocates continuing to strengthen employment policies to protect people with disabilities, such as a new law to promote the insertion of this group

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